Getting myself together…

Well, it looks like for the first time in about a year I am ill enough to make me feel really bad. Unfortunately, my body can’t decide whether it’s bad enough to just stay in bed or not. As usual. At least it looks like I’m recovering :-)

Winter break is near end and I haven’t got much done of what I wanted to, except helping a little with laying floor in my house.

There are some preliminary things done with Ruri‘s backend Omoikane, like basic initialisation stuff and configuration. Until I find why Open3.popen3 doesn’t want to work, there probably wouldn’t be much advance (Since I don’t think it would be easy to wrestle with file descriptors and if I use them and fork, there’s a lot of portability lost). More info will be available on project website. I think I should get nkoder to update it too….

More updates in next posts :-)


One Comment on “Getting myself together…”

  1. nkoder says:

    Err… what?
    I have problems with my return to “Welcome! That’s your real world. We misssss you”, so what?

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