Looking for Hardware Crypto

After short pondering about how everyone having a computer, and what worse, an internet access of any kind is suspected criminal not only in USA but also in many other countries, I have decided to get myself a hardware crypto card so that a whole-disk crypto wouldn’t be slow :-)

So I am now looking for PCMCIA/ExpressCard 34 crypto accelerator supporting at least AES256, especially one with open specification or at least a commercial driver for linux (I could sign an NDA for that :D).

Maybe I’d just build one myself? The cost could be probably similar and I think I could get a group of people to rise funds for several cryptography chips in order to build security devices….

Or maybe it would be possible to just use an FPGA with cores from OpenCores. The only problem would be getting a PCI-Express bridge, so it could use 250 MB/s transfer rate instead of 60 MB/s (which is practically unsustainable) of USB 2.0.


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