Why people don’t see what they have at hand?

Looks like I am left to wonder about why to get nearly any kind of materials for school from people from my class I have to put up with services like Rapidshare or Sendspace.

It wouldn’t anger me that much if not for one, simple reason. Every student in my school has an unix shell account with public http directory and SSH access. Nearly everyone of them isn’t harmed by stupid firewalls enough not to use SCP to put said materials in their ~/WWW/ directory, from which it would be available to anyone with HTTP access. Okay, our school’s link is not very fast, but those files also aren’t in multiples of 100 MiB’s anyway. And all they have to do is a simple SCP session to copy the file, instead of going thru all the junk of aforementioned services.

And yes, thanks to said services I can not download those materials….

Maths-CS-Physics profile… buahahaha.

P.S. At least class test on Linux comes next week. I’m going to laugh my lungs out. Over.


4 Comments on “Why people don’t see what they have at hand?”

  1. Rughalt says:

    Until you screw the test. I remember you screwing test you were “very well prepared” to. And then I’m going to laugh my lungs out (which in my current state, is very probable).

    And about our class – I’m repeating what you have said since 1st class. So nothing new here :P (I’m only more harsh)

  2. nkoder says:

    > Why people don’t see what they have at hand?

    Because these things aren’t easy for average user (looser)

  3. unya says:

    nkoder: Then how the hell it was all ok for average user in 80s??

  4. Rughalt says:

    It’s easy – we live in Windows era. If you really want to live in 80, trash your laptop and buy yourself old mainframe.

    I prefer our Windows era. Even when people are using Rapidshare (I don’t have problems with downloading from there).

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