First time sushi.

Well, actually it was the second time, but I don’t think tasting only maki counts :-)

Last thursday (For math-deprived: 2007-06-21) our japanese course group (ichinensei-tachi? :P) decided to celebrate incoming end of first year (since not everybody could attend after last lesson).

After lesson we had gone to a nearby japanese restaurant called Inaba. Being ignorant about food (in general, not only japanese) I settled for misoshiru to go with the shared sushi set.

Pity that I don’t have any pictures… I would then at least have a proof that I can survive (I am ignorant about food because I have pretty limited selection of what I eat…).

And it was fun to watch Rughalt fighting with chopsticks :D Quote:I need a list of food which I can eat without chopsticks….


2 Comments on “First time sushi.”

  1. Rughalt says:

    You were fighting with chopsticks too, I must remind you. And I, unlike you, had an excuse.

  2. […] while we are on P-san topic, I must correct one thing (regarding this post). I wasn’t having much trouble with chopsticks. In the end it seemed to me that P-san had more […]

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