Peer Guardian woes

I am coming to conclusion that PeerGuardian is a shitty piece of software which does more bad than good.

First of all, Who the hell came with the idea that blocking whole ranges of IPs is a good protection method anyway? And to block them completely, instead of filtering only the important ports?

Anyway, sensible method to block traffic is to only block certain IPs (for example ones that your IDS found to be the source of attack) and to block traffic by content. Hell, for better performance one could use PG’s lists to choose which traffic to monitor, so firewall would eat less CPU….

Anyway, I’m now stuck behind Windoze box used as a Firewall, with PeerGuardian installed. Thanks god that sneaked in and disabled 2 lists so I can at least access my school’s server as well as this blog. Yes, it had even “educational” listed to block!!

So now I have to go through Tor&Privoxy tandem for example to connect with TopCoder…


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