Are all Windows firewalls retarded!?

Yes, I’ve got pissed by another piece of windows shi^Wsoftware.

This time, it was outpost firewall. In fact, I’ve been pissed by it a long time ago, and it’s getting worse. Since it’s installed on someone else’s computer, I can’t kick it out, I have to live with it.

Imagine a firewall that can’t understand that IPv4 hosts support something called forwarding, and that DNS replies aren’t portscans. Imagine software that automatically sits on every possible connection, aggresively blocking anything that doesn’t look *right* to it, without asking you about it. Why? Because it works silently in the background, and until you force it to show itself, you won’t even know it’s still working.

The last time it pissed me was when we were setting up my uncle’s newly-bought PDA. For over 2 hours we were looking WTF was wrong with ActiveSync connection. Until it dawned on me that it’s either Outpost Firewall or somebody put APIPA address range into PeerGuardian block list…. I forced Outpost to admit that connection with PDA was “trusted LAN” and it worked.

If it put any info that it blocked something we might have not lost so much time about it….

Anyway, it looks like the only firewall that I’m still willing to try is NT built-in packet filter, which in Vista Ultimate (at least, I’m not sure about other) finally has a good settings manager, which kicks ass out of that old windows firewall thing in XP.

And one last word:

No, Firewalls are not about asking you if “this and that can access internet”. A good firewall sits on every packet and checks it for validity, with the former thing being handled by Acess Authorization routines in OS (or some kind of add-on module).

I should start a page about shitty soft………


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