Status update

I have been a little quiet lately. This is due to me trying to get Aegisub to work under Linux.

Unfortunately, both libASA and Aegisub proved to have wacky configure scripts. In case of libasa, there’s probably little work regarding NLS. In case of Aegisub…. I think a complete rewrite is the best thing. Preferably without using Autotools. (a.k.a. WTF-IS-THAT-DIRECTORY-STRUCTURE!?)

During that, I had to recompile a big amount of code, thanks to libasa requesting libexpat >=2.0.0 (which after that proved to be fake – it’s required by fontconfig which libasa uses. And which was already installed and working in valid version with the old libexpat -_-“).

Another thing is that I started to translate Sola from Japanese/English to Polish (THX to sola redist. package from Doremi – Thank you guys!). However you could say that this project is mainly to gather know-how and experience in fansubbing — don’t expect me making quick releases…. :>


2 Comments on “Status update”

  1. Rughalt says:

    You will probably end like me. You too often start projects which are later left unfinished. Maybe you will survive in Polish subbing community longer than me, but only thanks to Doremi’s idea to produce x264 subs without subtitles hardcoded. You don’t have to time, and so on. And you will probably end transtaling mainly form english, which is, of course, nothing bad and even better that trying to translate stuff from Japanese only.

    I failed everytime I tried. You know the story. You will too, probably. Good Luck.

  2. unya says:

    That’s why I am not going to announce it loudly everywhere. It will be slow, but might be finished. After all it has only 15 episodes…

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