Testing Blogging Apps: Word 2007

Today, I decided to test blogging features of Word 2007, so here is a test post with it :-)

Although I’m not a big lover of Microsoft, I have to say that the new Office 2007 suite is working pretty good – IMHO you can see a steady improvement, although it’s disk space requirements have gone thru the roof, like 2-3 times more space is required for full install compared to full install of Office 2003.

Now, if the changes in programming style and design forced after NT6 will start to become widespread in Microsoft, we might see a fair surprise around NT7. Of course, if they don’t screw it again… (Hope not, even If I wish in my heart for Microsoft’s collapse).

ああ。。。日本語のテストで ;-)

I edited the code after all, but it doesn’t look so bad compared to some of the atrocities Word used to output as “HTML”. There is progress :-)


One Comment on “Testing Blogging Apps: Word 2007”

  1. techwoo says:

    Testing Blogging Apps: Word 2007 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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