Testing Blogging Apps: QTM

So I downloaded and installed QTM.

I have to say that it surprised me from the building process: It was a first application that used cmake which I had to build myself,
and it shows clearly that Cmake is superior to Autotools.

The only dependency was QT >= 4.1.x, and it worked like a dream with QT4.3.
The building process itself was a breeze compared to what I would except from QT application (And CMake showed it’s beatiful scripts again :D)

As for the application itself: IT’S FAST!, I mean, REALLY FAST. Sure, it’s about tasks that don’t consume too much resources, but it snappy in a way that doesn’t always show with today’s apps. I also didn’t even notice when it downloaded my categories after inputting my blog settings in configuration window.

There are however some drawbacks – It doesn’t seem to have support for editing existing blog posts, support wordpress tags (But it might work from the technorati tags page) nor uploading media objects. Also, the interface is a little different, but usable.

Now let’s see how it will publish this post :D

Well, it had some problems with uploading the post, and a progress bar would be a good thing :D. However, it worked pretty nice. And I found it does support uploading files!


One Comment on “Testing Blogging Apps: QTM”

  1. renczus says:

    Maybe next time try Adobe Contribute?

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