Simple manager for Emacs Lisp packages in Gentoo

I don’t know about other people, I found myself pretty much lost in my .emacs file, mainly because of the pretty big list of packages I included in it. Nearly all of them installed through Portage.

Before, I used the site-gentoo.el file, which loaded all of them at startup time. However, that results in a pretty much bloated piece of software.

So today, I decided to try my luck with Emacs Lisp. The result is site-load-manager.el. It’s a simple script that, given a config file, will create a byte-compiled equivalent of Gentoo’s site-gentoo.el that include only those packages whose names include strings defined in the config file. To speed-up things a little, instead of referencing the scripts in site-lisp directory, it includes them directly

The archive contains script, simple shell script to execute it and example config file. I think that it should be pretty easy to understand, although config file mechanism isn’t very good :-)
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