Poland -> Scotland

Well, yesterday I finally did the “big move”, namely moved to Aberdeen for my 5 years of studying at University of Aberdeen.

I traveled by plane, first from Warsaw to Gatwick by British Airways on a B737-400, then a long >3h wait at Gatwick for the second leg of the journey: Gatwick -> Aberdeen by FlyBE. One thing to remember – “low cost no more”. Also it is interesting to be the only passenger with ticket troubles on an already delayed flight… And on “normal” airline, you get refreshments for free xD

After landing at Aberdeen International Airport, I traveled again on 737 – this time it was Stagecoach 737 line from Airport to Aberdeen Bus Station, then got off early and walked <1km to the dorms, finally arriving at around 2200 hours UTC – after starting my journey in Warsaw at around ~1130 hours UTC.

And the parts of Aberdeen I had already seen look pretty nice. Also lots of Polish language spoken there, at least during my walk from dorms to Uni.


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