About me

Name: Paweł (Paul) Lasek
Current Occupation: Freelancer & Student

Currently studying at University of Aberdeen in United Kingdom, pursuing a degree of MSci in Computing Science and Artificial Intelligence.
Previously I applied to MIT and failed ;-)

I’m also a computer enthusiast (You could say hacker wannabe, in the jargon file style), as well as anime&manga, s-f and fantasy fan.

In 2005, I finished glider pilot course and since then been striving to get full glider pilot license. No luck yet. Lack of money makes it rather impossible for me to keep flying regularly.

For programming, I use mainly Emacs and IntelliJ IDEA (but I prefer Emacs unless I edit Java). For small changes, nano. Some time ago I’ve used ViM, but I found out that Emacs key bindings are more to my liking. I still remember a little about moving around in Vim.

When I’m really desperate, I resort to ed.


ed is the standard text editor


Geek Code:
Version: 3.1
GU/O d-@s: !a C++(++++)>$ U++>++++$ P+(P—) L++>++++$ E W++(–) N+ o! K! w V>+++$ PS+ PE Y+ PGP t+@
5++ X- R !tv b+(++++) DI+ D+ G e>++++ h! !r z–(*)