Testing Blogging Apps: Word 2007

Today, I decided to test blogging features of Word 2007, so here is a test post with it :-)

Although I’m not a big lover of Microsoft, I have to say that the new Office 2007 suite is working pretty good – IMHO you can see a steady improvement, although it’s disk space requirements have gone thru the roof, like 2-3 times more space is required for full install compared to full install of Office 2003.

Now, if the changes in programming style and design forced after NT6 will start to become widespread in Microsoft, we might see a fair surprise around NT7. Of course, if they don’t screw it again… (Hope not, even If I wish in my heart for Microsoft’s collapse).

ああ。。。日本語のテストで ;-)

I edited the code after all, but it doesn’t look so bad compared to some of the atrocities Word used to output as “HTML”. There is progress :-)


Testing blogging apps, take 2: The Revenge of Emacs ;-)

Today, I stumbled about info for weblogger.el on
Emacs Wiki: WebloggerMode.

It seems that there is a change needed to fix the weird if: Wrong number of arguments: cdr, 2
error, and there’s another one in case where blog’s XML-RPC
interface supports more than is supported by weblogger.el.

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to post from Emacs… now I only need to find
how to set categories on this….

EDIT: For the time being, categories and editing existing posts doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll tinker with it… maybe I’ll make it work (Although Elisp can be scary :D)

Testing blogging apps

Lately I started testing blogging apps, to be exact weblogger.el and ScribeFire

Unfortunately, only ScribeFire worked and it isn’t exactly what I’m searching for (after using Page Tools it’s hard to make it behave….).

And weblogger, while a very interesting solution, has troubles under emacs-23……

Powered by ScribeFire.

A little remodeling

As you can see, I changed this blog’s theme, as well as updated some things in blogroll….

Now if they only made that blogroll better with regards to multi-category links…..

Lag & Status Update

Well, lately I haven’t posted anything -_-‘. That’s due to my illness then being away from computer while skiing :-)

As for Stożek, I plan on putting a short log of that trip (No, no details Rughalt :P) soon.

Among other things, I joined “31337” competition organized by PJWSTK (ポランド にほん じょほ こか だいがく – Polish-Japanese School of Computer Technology? I don’t know official English name…. ポニチダイ sounds better :P). It looks pretty good for now, but it’s first two days. Who knows what will happen next?

Talk about stupidity

Well, popen problem is basically fixed. Looks like I just forgot to add…newlines…. -_-‘

Now I only need something to avoid locking on readline(), cause I don’t see an O_NOBLOCK flag anywhere….

Oh, and project page should be working again – for some reason it got “private” status….

EDIT: This post by mistake found itself as a page. I am sorry for inconvenience ;-)