Flying in Radom

I haven’t had a chance to write a status update lately.

For 5 days, I was camping at Radom-Piastów airport (ICAO: EPRP), flying in Radom Airclub.

In 2 days I got twice as much solo flight time as I had before coming there. Also the traffic in Radom is much bigger than the one in Elbląg. It’s also definitely more lively. However, in my 5 flights there I managed to do 2 challenges for silver glider’s pilot badge (of 3) – 5h of nonstop flight and over 1000m above the height I was towed to.

Now I need to get 50km….


Looks like we’ve got ourselves 梅雨 (rainy season) in Poland…

Last week was, with the exception of one day, basically constant rain here in Elbląg. So I couldn’t even finish my required ten “social hours” so I could finally begin flying in this season.

You could say that this is getting depressing and I have heard comments that this might continue for the whole July.