Parlament Elections 2007 – an Afterthought

Well, it’s over.

Thankfully, this time the attendance had risen – it’s speculated to be over 55,3%.

If the final number of voters exceeds that, then it’s much more important than the result itself.

As Rughalt says: “If ~90% of people allowed to vote had given their votes, then I would not complain about Poles being stupid in voting.”

Anyway, Methinks of throwing a party at Inaba for PiS’ great failure :>


Gaijin in Japanese Parliament

After Tokyo by Night (in Polish):

Marutei Tsurunen is the first westerner in japanese parliament, since 2002. Since this blog is in English, instead of quoting his profile page, I’ll just give you a link: Marutei Tsurunen profile .

I have to say, that I consider this guy awesome to reach such a position. And it looks like he is more sensible than most of polish politicians, although this may not be true – After all, I don’t know too much about him…

“We are Borg..” no no no, that’s not it…. “We are Ducks”

We are Ducks.
You will be vetted.
Your private affairs will become public.
Resistance is futile.

Oh, and to be clear: vetting is for “lustracja”, which in this case means checking one’s files left over from old communist Security Service in Poland…

In Polish:

Jesteśmy Kaczki.
Zostaniecie zlustrowani.
Wasze prywatne życie zostanie upublicznione.
Opór jest daremny.

Now I only need a Duck version of Borg Cube and one of Kaczynski twins as a Borg… with a duck on the head (or maybe use yellow armor?) :-)