Testing Blogging Apps: QTM

So I downloaded and installed QTM.

I have to say that it surprised me from the building process: It was a first application that used cmake which I had to build myself,
and it shows clearly that Cmake is superior to Autotools.

The only dependency was QT >= 4.1.x, and it worked like a dream with QT4.3.
The building process itself was a breeze compared to what I would except from QT application (And CMake showed it’s beatiful scripts again :D)

As for the application itself: IT’S FAST!, I mean, REALLY FAST. Sure, it’s about tasks that don’t consume too much resources, but it snappy in a way that doesn’t always show with today’s apps. I also didn’t even notice when it downloaded my categories after inputting my blog settings in configuration window.

There are however some drawbacks – It doesn’t seem to have support for editing existing blog posts, support wordpress tags (But it might work from the technorati tags page) nor uploading media objects. Also, the interface is a little different, but usable.

Now let’s see how it will publish this post :D

Well, it had some problems with uploading the post, and a progress bar would be a good thing :D. However, it worked pretty nice. And I found it does support uploading files!


Parlament Elections 2007 – an Afterthought

Well, it’s over.

Thankfully, this time the attendance had risen – it’s speculated to be over 55,3%.

If the final number of voters exceeds that, then it’s much more important than the result itself.

As Rughalt says: “If ~90% of people allowed to vote had given their votes, then I would not complain about Poles being stupid in voting.”

Anyway, Methinks of throwing a party at Inaba for PiS’ great failure :>

Google recruitment

I decided not to write about it before either getting the job or not.

Around August 1st, I found an email from google.com in my inbox, titled google engineering. I thought it was some kind of notification from Google or some kind of phishing. Imagine my surprise when I found it to be a recruitment offer.

Well, I replied and said that I am interested. Being still in High School, I could not go further with the recruitment. Yet I got response which stated that I have “impressive cv for someone my age” :-). I was also told that there are internships waiting as soon as I enter university….

Status update

I have been a little quiet lately. This is due to me trying to get Aegisub to work under Linux.

Unfortunately, both libASA and Aegisub proved to have wacky configure scripts. In case of libasa, there’s probably little work regarding NLS. In case of Aegisub…. I think a complete rewrite is the best thing. Preferably without using Autotools. (a.k.a. WTF-IS-THAT-DIRECTORY-STRUCTURE!?)

During that, I had to recompile a big amount of code, thanks to libasa requesting libexpat >=2.0.0 (which after that proved to be fake – it’s required by fontconfig which libasa uses. And which was already installed and working in valid version with the old libexpat -_-“).

Another thing is that I started to translate Sola from Japanese/English to Polish (THX to sola redist. package from Doremi – Thank you guys!). However you could say that this project is mainly to gather know-how and experience in fansubbing — don’t expect me making quick releases…. :>

Are all Windows firewalls retarded!?

Yes, I’ve got pissed by another piece of windows shi^Wsoftware.

This time, it was outpost firewall. In fact, I’ve been pissed by it a long time ago, and it’s getting worse. Since it’s installed on someone else’s computer, I can’t kick it out, I have to live with it.

Imagine a firewall that can’t understand that IPv4 hosts support something called forwarding, and that DNS replies aren’t portscans. Imagine software that automatically sits on every possible connection, aggresively blocking anything that doesn’t look *right* to it, without asking you about it. Why? Because it works silently in the background, and until you force it to show itself, you won’t even know it’s still working.

The last time it pissed me was when we were setting up my uncle’s newly-bought PDA. For over 2 hours we were looking WTF was wrong with ActiveSync connection. Until it dawned on me that it’s either Outpost Firewall or somebody put APIPA address range into PeerGuardian block list…. I forced Outpost to admit that connection with PDA was “trusted LAN” and it worked.

If it put any info that it blocked something we might have not lost so much time about it….

Anyway, it looks like the only firewall that I’m still willing to try is NT built-in packet filter, which in Vista Ultimate (at least, I’m not sure about other) finally has a good settings manager, which kicks ass out of that old windows firewall thing in XP.

And one last word:

No, Firewalls are not about asking you if “this and that can access internet”. A good firewall sits on every packet and checks it for validity, with the former thing being handled by Acess Authorization routines in OS (or some kind of add-on module).

I should start a page about shitty soft………

Looks like we’ve got ourselves 梅雨 (rainy season) in Poland…

Last week was, with the exception of one day, basically constant rain here in Elbląg. So I couldn’t even finish my required ten “social hours” so I could finally begin flying in this season.

You could say that this is getting depressing and I have heard comments that this might continue for the whole July.

Peer Guardian woes

I am coming to conclusion that PeerGuardian is a shitty piece of software which does more bad than good.

First of all, Who the hell came with the idea that blocking whole ranges of IPs is a good protection method anyway? And to block them completely, instead of filtering only the important ports?

Anyway, sensible method to block traffic is to only block certain IPs (for example ones that your IDS found to be the source of attack) and to block traffic by content. Hell, for better performance one could use PG’s lists to choose which traffic to monitor, so firewall would eat less CPU….

Anyway, I’m now stuck behind Windoze box used as a Firewall, with PeerGuardian installed. Thanks god that sneaked in and disabled 2 lists so I can at least access my school’s server as well as this blog. Yes, it had even “educational” listed to block!!

So now I have to go through Tor&Privoxy tandem for example to connect with TopCoder…