Android has landed.

Finally, I have my own Android phone – Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700). After few weeks and insane amount of modding I have to say I’m very satisfied. Among exceptions is the fact that android still doesn’t support proxies, which is imho a suicide for a smartphone. The other is the fact that while the hardware in Spica is awesome, the drivers… aren’t.

Fortunately people at samdroid forums are insane and are slowly transforming spica into much more powerful phone.

This post was of course written on my phone :-)


Testing blogging apps, take 2: The Revenge of Emacs ;-)

Today, I stumbled about info for weblogger.el on
Emacs Wiki: WebloggerMode.

It seems that there is a change needed to fix the weird if: Wrong number of arguments: cdr, 2
error, and there’s another one in case where blog’s XML-RPC
interface supports more than is supported by weblogger.el.

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to post from Emacs… now I only need to find
how to set categories on this….

EDIT: For the time being, categories and editing existing posts doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll tinker with it… maybe I’ll make it work (Although Elisp can be scary :D)