Alpha (Hatsuseno Alpha)

This is my good old AlphaStation 255/233 equipped with 233 MHz EV45 (21064A) cpu and 32 MB of RAM (I really need more ram… why are parity simms so rare??)

Named after Hatsuseno Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

It currently runs OpenVMS 6.2, the same one it had when I acquired it. Until I get more ram (at least 256MB?) this won’t change, unfortunately…

Current task/wish list:

  1. Refresh Plan9 alpha and port it to Alphastation 255
  2. Extend Plan9 support for Alpha. Proposed ideas:
    • SRM environment filesystem
    • SCSI support – both on-board Narrow and some external WideSCSI card would be nice
    • Support for Matrox Millenium II as console
    • non-network boot – New bootloader?

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