My current main workstation, a Lenovo Thinkpad R61i. Not the fastest thing you can get, but sturdy and with quite long battery life (unfortunately shortened after kernel change, will have to investigate).

  • CPU: intel Core 2 T5550

    one of the worst Core 2 out there, due to not having Virtualisation support… at least it has 64bit

  • Memory: 2G after upgrade (Thanks XGas!)
  • HDD: 160GB FDE-equipped SATA drive (probably the most expensive part)
  • Network (Wired): Broadcom Tigon 3
  • Network (Wireless): Intel 4965abg (no draft-n model) – a big source of crashes
  • DVD-RAM drive
  • Graphics: intel X3100
  • Display: 15,4″ LCD with very low brightness

Unfortunately, as it is the cheapest Thinkpad (University paid for it, though), it doesn’t have many things, like ExpressCard (only PCMCIA), no firewire, etc. Still, it serves me rather well, except for occasional hiccups related to suspend with wireless on.


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