Linux Common Lisp Quickstart HOWTO

Due to some questions on #lisp, I decided to throw together a quick, step-by-step solution to setting up a basic, but working, Common Lisp installation on Linux. The implementation used will be SBCL

This HOWTO assumes basic linux knowledge as well as knowledge of your distro’s package management system.

  1. Install SBCL from your distro’s repo or download binary build from SBCL website
  2. Install Emacs – I recommend Emacs-22 or 23. Again, for fast install, I recommend going with your distro packages – if you need/want specially patched version, you probably don’t need my hand-holding
  3. Install clbuild
  4. run cd clbuild; ./clbuild check and install any remaining dependencies.
  5. Depending on your distro SBCL packages, install local build of SBCL through ./clbuild compile-implementation sbcl. It will be used by clbuild after that and saved in ./clbuild/target
  6. Install SLIME: ./clbuild install slime
    and configure it by adding result of ./clbuild slime-configuration to your emacs config. I recommend switching slime-autodoc to t
  7. Test it by running emacs and invoking M-x slime
  8. Now go over to Cliki and maybe entertain yourself to Practical Common Lisp

Update:2010-04-10: Fixed links broken by lack of wildcard entry on


Testing blogging apps, take 2: The Revenge of Emacs ;-)

Today, I stumbled about info for weblogger.el on
Emacs Wiki: WebloggerMode.

It seems that there is a change needed to fix the weird if: Wrong number of arguments: cdr, 2
error, and there’s another one in case where blog’s XML-RPC
interface supports more than is supported by weblogger.el.

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to post from Emacs… now I only need to find
how to set categories on this….

EDIT: For the time being, categories and editing existing posts doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll tinker with it… maybe I’ll make it work (Although Elisp can be scary :D)

bye-bye XEmacs, welcome back, Emacs

After a long time, I switched back from XEmacs to Emacs, with the main reason behind me using XEmacs disappearing and Emacs having bigger library of elisp files. You could say that main impulse for it was Emacs-on-Rails set, which I yet have to master (as well as finally master more of Emacs keybindings).

I also remapped my keyboard under X11 so that Caps Lock and CTRL are swapped. Nice thing, but it takes time to get used. Especially when you are too lazy to remap it under console too ;-)

When I have time I’ll finish few little projects of my own and maybe start putting info about a little bigger one ;-)

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Testing blogging apps

Lately I started testing blogging apps, to be exact weblogger.el and ScribeFire

Unfortunately, only ScribeFire worked and it isn’t exactly what I’m searching for (after using Page Tools it’s hard to make it behave….).

And weblogger, while a very interesting solution, has troubles under emacs-23……

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